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Designing an outfit is an important step that needs to take into account some factors. It is essential for the client to explain in the briefing the objectives he is aiming for, the image he wants to propose in relation to the products to be exhibited and the place where the event will take place. Only in this way will it be possible to propose solutions with a certain visual impact, great efficiency and functionality. In addition, presenting the project through photorealistic rendering and three-dimensional models eliminates any doubts about the actual rendering of the design.


The engineering phase is the passage that allows a project to become reality. It’s time to define dimensions, materials, assemblies. This intermediate stage is necessary for any project, but even more so for the “concept” developed directly by the customer.
Arosio set-up possesses the “know-how” needed for an idea to materialize without losing communication effectiveness. The final result is a definitive CAD 3D model in which each detail is studied and designed.


Our joinery department is still the flagship of the company. The experience of our artisans coupled with the reliability of the most modern machinery allows us to manufacture any manufactures with high quality standards and respecting delivery times. Arosio fittings utilizes selected and trusted external collaborators for the manufacture of artifacts in other materials such as aluminum, glass and graphics.


Arosio allestimenti supplies directly to the packaging, transport, assembly and dismantling of the fittings and furnishings; so our team of fitters can organize the work and subdivide the jobs without there being time losses on the spot and preventing some unforeseen events that may occur during work. The aspect that characterizes us at this stage is the care in detail, which allows us to emerge even in particularly demanding aesthetic events. In addition, our operating teams remain at the customer’s disposal until the stand is delivered, providing support and support for any last-minute requests; customer satisfaction is our first goal.


An important part of the company is the warehouse, well-structured and functional for a fast moving of the goods. In addition to the basic construction elements such as drums, windows and pedestals, there are also two areas dedicated to furnishings and electrical equipment.